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Dr. Rob Kloepher

In 2013, Dr. Kloepfer graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry with his Doctor of Optometry degree.  He has worked in various eyecare settings and has the pleasure to lecture across Canada. 

Dr. Kloepfer is a Council member of the Alberta College of Optometrists, past secretary of the Calgary Society of Optometrists for five years, and a member of the Alberta and Canadian Association of Optometrists. 


His passion for teaching has extended to a growing social media platform with Instagram (@EyeDrKloepfer) centered around eye education and cases. 

Contact Lens Complications: What Lies Beneath


When you’re swimming in the ocean there’s a realization that danger can be present underneath the surface.  When a contact lens is placed on the eye patients may not understand the ocular surface danger that can exist.  This lecture will progress through contact lens uses, side effects, and contraindications in an engaging fashion.  Following this session, you will be more confident recognizing contact lens side effects and become proactive educating patients regarding inherent complications that can exist.  What. Lies. Beneath?

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