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Tapiwa Musewe

 Ms. Tapiwa Musewe is a registered Optician and a qualified Optometrist. Ms. Musewe holds a Bachelor of Science degree from McMaster University (CA) and completed the Opticianry program from Georgian College (CA). In 2018 she successfully completed the Optometry degree at the University of Johannesburg (RSA).


In considering the great need of affordable visual healthcare services on the African continent inspired Ms. Musewe to pursue Optometry in South Africa. It was important for her to fully immerse herself into an understanding of the cultures and visual requirements for the African needs, requirements and demands; hence in 2018 Tapiwa completed her Optometry degree at the University of Johannesburg.


Upon completion of the Optometry program Tapiwa participated in a six month specialty contact lens design and manufacturing internship with the Contact Lens Lab of South Africa. The internship included the design and manufacturing of corneal RGPs and Scleral lenses.


In January 2019 Dr. Edward Bennett and the Education Committee of 2019 Global Specialty Lens Symposium (GSLS) selected Ms. Musewe to present at the GSLS conference, held in Las Vegas (US), titled, “A financially feasible approach to the design and manufacture of scleral and RGP lenses in Africa”.


Ms. Musewe joined the Faculty of Health and Wellness Opticinary program at Georgian College in 2020 where she has lectured final year Opticinary students ocular pathology and hands on practical lab classes that overlap aspects of Opticinary and Optometry.


In demonstrating governance, strategy and leadership capabilities, Tapiwa co-founded an organization, in 2019 that is developing strategy for the City Of Johnnesburg's Ocular Health Program and implementing the first Ocular Health Clinics for the Municipality's Healthcare Infrastructure. Kuwona Inc. (meaning “to see” in the language Shona) is a Canadian organization Ms. Musewe founded in November 2012 with the aim to establish a viable networks and relationships between visual healthcare between North America and Africa.


Ms. Musewe has completed an internship with LASIK MD, a laser refractive surgery clinic located in Edmonton Alberta. During her time off Tapiwa volunteered with Canadian National Institute for the Blind, CNIB, a non-profit organization that is analogous to National Foundation for the Blind.


A combination of personal experiences and academics has aligned her goals in participating in her contribution towards the mandate to eliminate avoidable blindness World Wide. Ms. Musewe has demonstrated leadership, passion, resilience in acquisition of skills and knowledge around the ocular health care industry

Scleral lens fitting one O one

This presentation takes a broad look into the most basic fitting and assessment of a scleral lens.

The scope includes a brief understanding of the anatomical insertion of the extra ocular muscles and the effect this has on the natural posture of the scleral lens. Indications for fitting scleral lenses, suggested lens diameter, optimum lens material and fitting assessment with the use of a slitlamp vs an OCT are topics that will be covered in this presentation. The interpretation of corneal topography, terminology and understanding of lens assessment in communicating with the scleral lens lab is important in achieving a successful outcome for your patient.

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