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Optical Equipment and Furniture for Sale - Hawkesbury

So, after more than 50 years in business I have been slowed down by illness and have to close up the office , that I opened in Hawkesbury , On 42 years ago. Pretty well everything has to go. It was renovated in 2000 with new furniture and instruments.

Those are all for sale now. It’s time for super deals on displays and frame racks and an edger and a slit/lamp with keratometer mounted on an adjustable table . If you are contemplating opening a new location , you need these deals .

Pictures on request to my email . Edger is 6 years old , A Briot Silver . It wasn’t used for almost 3 years. It runs like new. I’ve been using it again this last year . There are 8 matching frame racks with 124 spaces each and one of 90.

These racks were made by a Montreal artisan and are excellent quality .

They are unique by the coloured pipes than join them all together and are also the legs.

Almost like burnished copper , they are a dark green with gold drizzle. Very rich looking. Then there are two matching fitting tables also with a unique design including a glass covered small display area built right in. Then the two jewels are in the big cabinets .

One is for displaying small stuff like cleaner , mags, etc , and has 4 glass shelves along with a large storage area at the bottom with doors. Then a second large display with locking , sliding glass windows , meant as an entrance display . Perfect for high price items. It has 3 shelves in it. Mirrors for the frame displays are built into panels beside each rack.


Lensometer and most tools are already gone so act fast. I have to be out of the location and deadline is coming up fast . My daughter has most of the info and can be reached at 613-678-7034 . Thankyou for reading

Ray LeBlanc

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