Perkins Mk3 Hand Held Applanation Tonometer - For Sale

Perkins Mk3 Hand Held Applanation Tonometer With 20 Tonosafe Disposable Prisms HS-UK is offering a special promotion to assist Optometrists to adopt procedures that will make their practices safe for both patients and staff.

Non-contact tonometry is a potential source of micro-aerosol and could transmit infection, thus other ways of intraocular pressure measurement, such as Goldmann tonometry should be considered. Adopting applanation tonometry, using disposable tonometer prisms, further minimizes the risk of cross-infection. Perkins is synonymous with being the ‘gold-standard’ in hand-held applanation tonometers and has the unique ability to provide applanation tonometry readings that correlate strongly with the Goldmann tonometer.

Tonosafe single-use tonometer prisms avoid the need for cleaning and disinfection, without compromising the original Goldmann quality. It has been developed for single patient use only, and reliably eliminates the risk of cross-infection.

This device is for medical professional use only.

Please Contact for Pricing:

Hasan Al-Mamun

(416) 285-5075

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