October is Halloween Eye Safety Month | Opticians are on the Front Line of Vision Care

We're excited to introduce to you a new series about #Vision! Every month we'll be sharing content about vision & how it relates to your overall healthcare.

October is HALLOWEEN EYE SAFETY month. This month we will be Trick or Treating while we myth-bust some popular internet "Eyeglass Hacks".

We've all seen the video pop up on Facebook claiming that they have the answers to different eyeglass problems. 


But don't get "Tricked" into "Treating" your glasses the wrong way!

  • Toothpaste to buff out scratches on lenses?

  • Hair elastics and makeup primer to stop your glasses from sliding down?

  • Rubbing a bar of soap on your lenses to stop them from fogging?

We at the OOA are going to prove which ones work and which ones don't. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday we will be posting what we find!


Which hacks will leave you "tricked"? Which ones will be a "treat" for your glasses? Visit our blog or social media to find out!  

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What's next?

We'll be providing you with spooky informative pieces & educational podcasts!  

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