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Jim thompson, RO

Co-Owner Thompson Optics Ltd.,since 1986. Educational background includes. Registered Optician, Certified Contact Lens Practitioner 1973, Certified Ophthalmic Assistant 1983, Past Contact Lens Program Instructor at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology), Past Contact Lens Program Examiner at NAIT 1986-1989. Graduated Sight Testing Course at NAIT 2003. Founding Member and Past President of Alberta Contact Lens Dispensers Association 1986. Past Councilor of Alberta Opticians Association 1986-1989. Alberta Optician of the Year 2005. 

Clinical Presentations and Lectures include- Guest Lecturer at Dispensing Opticians Association of British Columbia, Opticians Association of Canada, Ontario Opticians Association, Alberta Opticians Association, Faculty of Pharmacy University of Alberta and the Edmonton Pharmaceutical Association.

I have worked in offices with optometrists, ophthalmologists, We live on a 40 acre horse ranch East of Edmonton. Raise Peruvian Paso horses. 'Gaited' horses that NEVER bounce. An average week I see 60+ contact lens patients. I specialize in keratoconus, post graft, post LASIK, post surgical and difficult cases. 


The profession of Opticianry enables us to impact the lives of people with vision problems in a profound way. The  impact  of vision restoration is nothing less than life changing - for the patient and the practitioner. This presentation will enlighten attendees as to the benefits of scleral lenses when dealing with various eye conditions.

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