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Sara Moshurchak

•Licensed Optician • Master Lab Technician • President • Small Business Owner • Entrepreneur • •Eyewear Designer • Master Framemaker • Consultant • Speaker • Teacher • Head Honcho •

•Optical Wizard​•

Sara is the president of Mosh Framemakers, a unique business in downtown Vancouver that has garnered her acclaim around the world. She is an artist disguised as an optician - the designer and maker of her own eyewear collection, MOSHdesigns, and one of a handful of master framemakers in the world that still crafts eyewear the traditional way, by hand. With a mind that never stops creating, she loves collaborating with other makers and designers and influencing future generations of opticians. Sara is an esteemed leader in the optical realm for integrity, work ethic, technical skills, creativity and adaptability as well as her insatiable appetite for knowledge and learning.


Sara was born and raised in Regina, SK and originally wanted to be an optometrist but decided that she needed to be in a career where she could work with her hands and create. Becoming an optician was the perfect fit. After moving to Vancouver in 1998, Sara enrolled in the Dispensing Optician program at Douglas College and in 2001 she started working at Eyeland Framemakers, eventually buying it in 2008 and growing it into its current form: Mosh Framemakers.


Sara lives in East Vancouver with her partner, Ross. In her spare time Sara loves to karaoke, watch British Crime tv shows, and she uses her library card on a regular basis.

Everything you ever wanted to know about acetate and a live demonstration on how to refurbish it.

This presentation will answer all of your questions regarding acetate frames. What is acetate?How is it made? Why does it turn white?

​We will also be looking at the refurbishing process for acetate frames. What equipment needed to successfully refurbish this type of frame and  we will explore the process of how to refurbish a frame.

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