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Yesterday, the World Health Organisation announced that COVID-19 had reached " pandemic " status. The Ontario government is expected soon to announce strategies and measures to move beyond the "containment phase" to the "community spread" phase to counter COVID-19.

The Opticians, along with all other frontline healthcare practitioners, have a pivotal role and responsibility in mitigating the impacts in Ontario.

The Ministry of Health has published a Guidance Document for Independent Health Facilities (i.e. special-purpose, privately operated clinics that are licensed by the government). The measures set out in that document are equally applicable to Athletic Therapy clinics and we urge members to read the document and to implement those measures.

Also, as of today, the Ministry of Health has established a website specifically to provide information relating to COVID-19. It is updated twice per day at 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. It is important that members review that website every day. You may access the website through the following link:

The OOA will keep members informed of developments on this front, in particular anything that relates specifically to our profession.

WHO Video 1:

WHO Video 2:

Infographic from Public Health Canada:

Ontario Guidlines for Independent Health Facilities (IHFs):

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