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Opportunity For Hamilton Area Optician

The OOA office has received a request to provide Opticianry services in a Hamilton area retirement home. While this service would start as a much needed volunteer service it could evolve into eyewear sales. Below is a letter received in the OOA office.

In our retirement residence, we attempt to be very proactive regarding the health and safety of our residents.  In the area of eyewear, we notice many folks who do not realize how dirty their lenses are or  how their glasses require  adjusting to fit properly on their face.  Sometimes it is because they just can’t get out to visit an optician or perhaps they just don’t see or realize how poorly fitting their spectacles are.  Sometimes they are just making do.  We all know the implications of glasses not fitting right such as falls, dizziness,  headaches etc. We would like to arrange for a regular service to our residents, where someone would visit and hold a “clinic” for adjusting and cleaning their glasses.  This would be a free service but could potentially create opportunities to do business with the resident for their future needs.  We would advertise/promote whomever carried out the service in our activity programs and on information boards within our community.

We invite  OOA members interested in taking advantage of this opportunity to contact Kay-Ann at the OOA office.  905-709-4141


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